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Just One Dose Helped Dogs Feel Less Anxious and Sad

If your pup finds car rides or being home alone stressful, you'll want to see the results of this study. While this substance is known to alleviate stress and anxiety in humans, research in dogs has been lacking - until now. A single dose helped dogs relax and their cortisol levels to drop.

cannabidiol for dogs


  • A recently published study suggests that CBD can significantly alleviate both car travel stress and “home alone” stress in canine companions
  • The researchers showed that a single dose of 4 mg/kg CBD given 2 hours before the stress-inducing event reduced some indicators of acute canine stress, and is likely to improve canine emotional wellbeing
  • Both acute and chronic stress can take a toll on your dog’s health; when stress is prolonged, it’s associated with shortened lifespan and increased susceptibility to infections
  • Fortunately, there are many natural approaches to help mitigate both separation-related and car travel stress in canine family members

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