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6 Things to Consider Before Acquiring a Ferret

Often ignored for the more popular dogs and cats, ferrets make great pets, too, for the right household. Slightly smaller than a cat, they require about the same time commitment.

things to consider before acquiring ferret


  • Many novice owners don't realize that smaller, exotic pets such as ferrets often require as much time and attention as a dog or cat
  • If you're thinking about adding a ferret to your household, the first thing you should so is ensure you can legally own one where you live
  • There are many other things to consider if you'll be a first-time ferret parent, for example, did you know these cute little creatures have a strong musky odor?
  • Other considerations: ferrets are social and need company; they require daily exercise and room to run; they're thieves and will chew virtually anything; they're meat-eaters (carnivores)

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