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This Human Beverage Protects Against Growths — In Both You and Your Pet

This drink contains compounds that inhibit several types of tumors, largely because they concentrate in your pet's liver and digestive tract, offering protective benefits. Plus, they dramatically modify growth-causing molecules that damage cellular DNA.

green tea benefits for pets


  • There’s a growing interest in the potential health benefits of green tea for dogs and cats
  • Green tea contains potent antioxidants and is a rich source of several vitamins and minerals
  • Benefits of green tea in humans include lowered risk of several diseases, including cancer; similar benefits may be seen in pets
  • Green tea can be an excellent addition to your pet’s detoxification protocol, can be used as a cleaning agent for dirty ears and can provide soothing relief for hot spots and mouth sores
  • You can offer your pet naturally decaffeinated brewed green tea mixed into his daily meals

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