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The Carcinogen Hiding in Your Pet's Food

How much of this carcinogenic toxin is in your pet's body right now? Depending on what your pet eats, her levels may be 4 to 12 times higher than those in a human on a per kilogram basis. Find out which type of food has the highest concentrations, and the type with no detectable levels.

carcinogenic pet foods


  • Recent research into animal exposure to glyphosate (a carcinogen) in pet food shows that dogs and cats have levels 4–12 times higher than those of humans on a per kilogram basis
  • The highest concentrations of glyphosate have been found in grain-free kibble, followed by regular kibble, then canned food; dogs fed raw food had no detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine
  • Emerging studies of children and adults in the U.S. show a significant reduction in glyphosate levels as the result of eating organic food
  • Concerned pet parents can participate in an ongoing study to help determine their animal companion's glyphosate exposure, and the source(s) of exposure
  • Steps you can take to protect your furry family member include reducing environmental and dietary exposure to glyphosate, and providing your pet with a detox protocol as often as needed

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