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Should You Allow Your Dog to Eat Grass?

Does your dog start chomping grass the moment she gets outdoors? Should you try to stop her? This recent article offers an entirely new explanation, disputing the long-held belief that dogs eat grass to throw up. In my experience, there are 4 additional health-related reasons dogs eat grass.

grass eating dogs


  • A recent article citing small 2007 and 2010 studies of grass-eating dogs concludes the behavior is more likely connected to simple hunger, enjoyment, or boredom than as a remedy for a gastrointestinal disturbance
  • Most dogs eat grass occasionally and some do it more often; there can be a few reasons for the behavior
  • Dogs who munch on grass may be trying to relieve digestive upset, they may also be seeking certain nutrients their diet isn’t providing
  • If your dog regularly ingests large quantities of grass, make an appointment with your veterinarian, and in the meantime, consider upgrading his diet to help provide him with all the nourishment his body needs

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