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Is Your Dog Neutered or Spayed? Help Avoid Long-Term Effects

Research confirms that gonad removal in male and female dogs can lead to life-altering issues, including obesity, urinary incontinence, malignancy, musculoskeletal and immune problems, and even cognitive and behavioral issues. This can help prevent and reverse them.

neuter spay avoid long term effects


  • Spays and neuters — surgical procedures that remove the gonads and associated sex hormones — can have a significant, long-term negative impact on the health and welfare of dogs
  • A 2021 case study involving a neutered dog who at a young age developed life-altering health and psychological issues related to gonad removal strongly suggests that hormone restoration therapy may be a significant benefit to symptomatic spayed and neutered dogs
  • The dog featured in the study received weekly subcutaneous testosterone injections and an implanted hormone agonist, and over time, both his health and psychological issues resolved, and his quality of life was restored
  • Further research of hormone restoration therapy in dogs could potentially relieve the suffering of millions of spayed and neutered dogs with desexing-related ailments

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