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How to Get Your Dog to Love His Crate

Crates offer many benefits for canines, and if introduced properly can be a comforting refuge for your dog. Choosing the right type, size and location are paramount to your dog's acceptance. Avoid these mistakes to help your pet respond positively to his new cozy den.

how to get your dog to love his crate


  • Dog crates are useful for keeping your pet safe while you’re away from the house, while housetraining your pup and also during travel by car or at pet-friendly hotels
  • Some dog owners also find that their pets enjoy sleeping in their crates overnight, especially with a cozy cover to keep out noise and light
  • Be sure to get the right sized crate, taking into account your pet’s size, age and housetraining status
  • Choose a mat that’s thick enough to provide comfort but not so thick that it impedes your dog’s movement
  • Your dog’s crate should be in a spot that’s temperature-controlled, quiet and calm; avoid placing the crate in direct sunlight, too close to a heat source or in a cold, drafty area of your home

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