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Stress-Busting Strategies for Easing Your Pet's Fear

The Fourth of July holiday can be stressful for many pets. Nearly 1 in 2 dogs fear fireworks, and that fear can persist for days. There's much you can do to both protect your pet and make the day less threatening. Try these proven strategies to increase your pet's comfort.

pets fourth of july


  • It’s estimated that up to half of pet dogs react fearfully to fireworks; for more than 15% of pups, the fear persists for several days
  • The No. 1 step to keeping your pet safe on the Fourth of July is to keep her indoors, especially as dusk nears
  • Keep your pet in a room away from the hustle-and-bustle, where she’s not directly exposed to the loud noises from outside
  • Create a safe haven for your pet, with toys, water and a few treats; put on calming music and use herbal remedies for extra stress-relief
  • Keep other holiday hazards away from your pet, including alcohol, insect repellants and sunscreens intended for humans, BBQ grills, glow jewelry and citronella candles

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