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The Growing Canine Epidemic – Is Your Dog Affected?

Now affecting 59% of dogs and 61% of cats, this epidemic continues to spread – and that's reason for concern as it increases the risk for serious, chronic disease, including malignancy and premature death. The good news is, there are three actions you can take today to help turn things around.

dog obesity


  • In 2022, 59% of dogs and 61% of cats were overweight or obese
  • This is a 3% increase from 2018 — all represented by an increase in obesity
  • The percentage of overweight dogs — 37% — stayed the same from 2018 to 2022, but the prevalence of obese dogs rose to 22%, up from 19% in 2018
  • The numbers are cause for concern since, as in humans, excess weight increases the risk of chronic diseases — including kidney dysfunction, metabolic and endocrine disorders like diabetes, orthopedic diseases like osteoarthritis, and cancer
  • To help your dog lose weight, swap out high-carb, highly processed kibble with a species-appropriate fresh food diet, watch portion sizes and ensure your dog gets daily activity

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