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Are You Depriving Your Dog of This Natural Instinct?

It's essential for your dog's physical and mental well-being, but pet parents often ignore it - or deliberately curtail it, not realizing it's how dogs connect themselves to their environment. Know that robbing your dog of this natural instinct can lead to sensory deprivation and increased stress.

sniffing dog


  • A team of citizen science researchers in France monitored the pulse rates of 61 dogs on short walks, both on leash and off
  • Their results show that the activity of sniffing lowers dogs’ pulse rates, especially when they’re on a long leash, and off leash
  • Another instinctive activity that lowered the dogs’ pulse rates was “shaking it off” while walking and sniffing
  • These study results provide additional evidence of the benefits to dogs of being allowed to sniff the world around them
  • It’s important to your dog’s physical and mental well-being that you give her lots of opportunities to sniff up a storm on her walks with you

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