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5 Natural Ways to Help Control Your Dog's Seizures

The FDA has granted conditional approval to potassium bromide for the treatment of canine seizure disorders, but often even a multi-modal approach to treating epilepsy isn't effective at controlling seizures in refractory patients.

canine epilepsy medication


  • After decades of use, earlier this year the FDA granted conditional approval to potassium bromide for treatment of canine seizure disorder
  • The drug, called KBroVet-CA1, is manufactured by Pegasus Laboratories, which under the conditional grant has up to five years to collect efficacy data
  • Many dogs’ seizures aren’t well controlled with potassium bromide and phenobarbital, all of which carry potential adverse side effects; it’s important to note that the FDA’s conditional approval of potassium bromide doesn’t change this reality
  • Fortunately, there are nutritional interventions and potentially beneficial adjunctive therapies for seizure disorders in dogs, including a well-formulated ketogenic diet and CBD, that can also prove very successful in managing epilepsy in dogs

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