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CBD Oil Significantly Reduces Seizures in 89% of Study Dogs

Witnessing a seizure in your pet can be a harrowing experience. Since seizures can occur for many different reasons, including low blood sugar, hypothyroidism or even a viral infection, this veterinary neurologist is calling this 'promising' and 'exciting' study must-have information for pet owners.

cbd oil for dog seizures


  • Newly released study results on the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of canine epilepsy are very promising
  • A significant reduction in seizure frequency was seen in 89% of the dogs receiving CBD in the study, and there’s a direct link between blood concentrations of CBD and seizure reduction
  • There are many potential causes for seizures in dogs, including head trauma, infection, brain tumors, vaccines and genetic defects
  • Caretakers of pets with seizure disorders should seriously consider transitioning to a ketogenic diet
  • There are also several natural therapies that can help these patients and reduce or eliminate their need for anti-seizure medications

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