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This Can Emotionally Scar Your Pet for Life — Avoid at All Costs

It's hotly debated, yet cruel and inhumane because it's linked to a lifetime of debilitating pain. Plus, it's linked to arthritis, neuralgia, and extreme emotional changes like hostility and more. If you'd never do this to yourself, please don't inflict it on your pet.

declawing cats alternatives


  • Declawing of cats continues to be a hotly debated topic, primarily because many people continue to believe the procedure is nothing more than a simple, painless, permanent nail trim — which couldn’t be further from the truth
  • A more precise name for declawing is “de-toeing.” The procedure removes not only the claws, but also the bones, nerves, joint capsule, collateral ligaments and the extensor or flexor tendons
  • Declawing frequently results in undesirable behavioral and emotional changes in cats that can last a lifetime. Most of these changes are pain-related
  • An alternative to declawing your cat is to provide appropriate scratching surfaces around your home, and taking steps to encourage kitty to use them
  • Other alternatives include regular nail trims and using deterrents to protect your floors and furnishings

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