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2 Meds Some Vets Recommend That Can Make Your Pet Feel Worse

They're a 'GI ulcer in a bottle,' as these go-to drugs can ultimately lead to ulcers. While some pets can tolerate them for a short time, long-term use can lead to major GI conditions. For short-term use, accompany with this. If long-term, you might need to find a new vet.

pet gastric ulcer

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  • A healthy pet’s gastrointestinal tract is very resilient and fast-healing, but if stomach acid overwhelms the protective forces of the digestive tract, a gastric ulcer can be the unfortunate result
  • In my practice, the two most common reasons for GI ulcers are overuse of steroids or NSAIDs (or both), and helicobacter infection secondary to an unhealthy GI tract
  • A helicobacter infection is a sign that your pet’s innate GI defenses and immune system are compromised; it’s important to identify what influences in your dog’s or cat’s environment and lifestyle are contributing factors
  • There are many things you can do as your pet’s guardian to keep her GI tract healthy, starting with feeding a balanced, biologically appropriate diet of fresh, natural foods
  • It’s also important to insure any drug or other chemical your pet is exposed to is given in the lowest possible effective therapeutic dose, and insist on antibody titer testing in lieu of automatic re-vaccination

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