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Allergic to Cats? Try This Simple Feeding Trick

Since it's not your kitty's fur coat that triggers allergic symptoms, there's a way you may be able to make your cat less allergenic. And the remedy may be sitting in your kitchen right now. Plus: eight other ways to minimize cat allergies at home.

cat allergies


  • The majority of people who love cats but are allergic to them either find they build up a tolerance to kitty allergens over time, or they learn tricks to manage their condition so they can share their heart and home with one or more feline companions
  • The trigger for most cat allergies is not kitty’s fur coat but her skin dander, or for many people, a specific protein found in both cat dander and saliva
  • There are several methods for reducing cat allergens in your home, including air purifiers, hard flooring, regular and thorough housecleaning, feeding kitty an anti-inflammatory diet that includes omega-3 essential fatty acids, and bathing your cat
  • Also consider a protocol of allergy-fighting supplements, including quercetin, bromelain, and papain; omega-3 fatty acids; coconut oil; and a probiotic supplement or traditionally fermented foods

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