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Blue Haze in Dog’s Eyes: Alarm Bells or False Alarm?

A startling blue glow in your senior dog's gaze may raise concerns, but is it a cause for panic? Delve into the eye condition affecting aging pets, why it happens and how it differs from more serious issues.

lenticular nuclear sclerosis in dogs


  • Lenticular sclerosis, also known as nuclear sclerosis, results in a bluish, cloudy appearance in older dogs, particularly those aged 6 and over
  • Lenticular sclerosis is a normal condition in aging pets' eyes; it affects the lenses but doesn't cause any pain or blindness
  • The condition comes on gradually, which allows pets to adjust well to any minor vision changes that may occur
  • It's important to distinguish lenticular sclerosis from cataracts, which can take on a similar blue-cloud appearance
  • While lenticular sclerosis shouldn't interfere with your pet's well-being, cataracts may need treatment to prevent permanent vision loss

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