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Why Your Pet Absolutely Needs Fresh Vegetables

It was once thought that feeding vegetables to your pet could be harmful, but now we know they are essential for not only a healthy body, but also to encourage detoxification, stimulate natural antioxidant protection and suppress tumors. Here are nine of the best veggies to feed your cat or dog.

vegetables for dogs


  • Small amounts of fresh, low glycemic vegetables are crucial to the health of cats and dogs
  • Vegetables are a rich source of critical phytochemicals not found in meat, and may have such positive effects on our pets’ health due to a process called xenohormesis
  • Veggies also provide minerals and vitamins E, K, C, beta-carotene and the B vitamins; bright-colored and leafy green veggies tend to be the most nutritious
  • Fermented vegetables are optimally digestible for dogs and cats, and are nutritional powerhouses, even in very small quantities
  • Adding veggies to pet diets promotes gut health and leaving them out results in a less robust microbiome; veterinary researchers are beginning to study the critical role of a healthy microbiome in maintaining pets' immunologic and physiologic well-being

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