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Groundbreaking Study Released on Sterilization Alternatives

Do traditional spay and neuter surgeries increase the risk for disease, including malignancy? Are there better alternatives? This just-published, first-of-its-kind study involving over 6,000 dog owners documents the truth about what I've suspected and observed for years.

spay neuter alternatives


  • Studies show that spaying/neutering dogs increases the risk for many diseases, including several types of cancer, along with behavioral problems
  • Unfortunately, sterilization techniques that preserve the ovaries or testes and the important hormones they produce are not taught in veterinary schools; there has also been very little research on the benefits vs. drawbacks of these procedures
  • However, a just-published, first of its kind study involving over 6,000 dog owners reveals that spayed/neutered dogs develop more health and behavioral problems than intact dogs and dogs who underwent gonad-sparing sterilization procedures
  • These study results suggest that the bodies and brains of dogs benefit from maximum exposure to the sex hormones; the researchers concluded that "dogs might benefit from these alternative surgeries, with respect to general health and experience better behavior outcomes, compared to undergoing traditional spay-neuter surgery”

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