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How Your Pet's Endless Love Can Teach You Something New

According to our newest Game Changer, Sylvia Melendez, Rosie opened a part of her heart that she didn't know existed. After taking in and caring for the abandoned 6-month-old pup, Sylvia discovered what she was destined to do - to teach others how to learn from the animals in their lives.

Sylvia Melendez fostering animals

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  • Sylvia Melendez was nominated for a Healthy Pets Game Changer Award by Marie G.
  • She discovered her love for fostering animals when an abandoned Great Dane named Rosie landed on her doorstep
  • For the last five years, Sylvia has been fostering pets in her home and working with rescue groups that focus on different kinds of pets and different breeds
  • Fostering Rosie opened Sylvia’s heart to working with animals — not only dogs but cats and other pets as well
  • She was also inspired to open her own business, a pet boarding and daycare service called Wagging Tails & Loving Paws that she runs out of her home in Virginia

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