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The Mistake Many Owners Make When Their Older Cat 'Shrinks'

It's not uncommon for older kitties to waste away and become 'the incredible shrinking cat' as they age, simply because their ability to digest dietary fats and protein efficiently wanes. But the most obvious solution could be a tragic mistake. Here's what I recommend feeding older cats.

shrinking kitty syndrome


  • Many kitties become “the incredible shrinking cat” as they get up in years; both stress and underlying disease can be factors, but often the problem is diet
  • Older cats, especially those fed a lifetime of ultra-processed cat food, often lose their ability to digest dietary fats and protein efficiently, which is a major contributor to weight loss
  • The dietary answer for most aging cats isn’t to reduce protein intake to decrease organ stress; the answer is to feed a moisture-rich diet of high-quality animal protein, along with appropriate supplements
  • Older cats whose appetites have dropped off can and should be enticed to eat more

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