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12 Signs Your Dog Is Too Hot

Once your dog's body temperature reaches this point, it's cause for concern as it only takes a few more degrees for potentially fatal heatstroke to occur. Know the right way to cool your dog down - making this mistake can make the blood vessels shrink and prevent excess heat from being released.

heat safety for dogs


  • Taking precautions — and watching out for signs of heat stress — will ensure your dog stays safe and cool all summer long
  • When taking walks, stick to early morning or evening to take advantage of cooler times of day
  • Avoid hot pavement, which can burn your pet’s paws and lead to overheating; stick to walks on cool grass instead
  • When it’s warm outside, be sure your dog always has access to shade and cool water
  • Watch out for signs of overheating, such as excessive panting and drooling, elevated body temperature, glazed eyes and weakness

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