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Finally, the Real Science Behind the Benefits of Feeding Raw

Dr. Conor Brady's new book, 'Feeding Dogs: The Science Behind the Dry Versus Raw Debate,' is a well-written, well-referenced thorough examination of the raw dog food debate. Pet parents everywhere need to read it and recommend it to their veterinarians.

dry versus raw dog food

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  • Dr. Conor Brady is the author of a groundbreaking new book titled “Feeding Dogs: The Science Behind the Dry Versus Raw Debate”
  • Dr. Brady’s passion for food-as-medicine arose from the plight of his 7-year-old dog with debilitating hip dysplasia
  • Dr. Brady was improving the health of his own dog and the guide dogs he trained with raw diets, but the vets and others he worked with were uninterested — so he struck out on his own to make the case for feeding raw
  • His incredibly well-researched and footnoted book is the result of a decade of work; it makes complex topics understandable and digestible for both veterinarians and pet parents
  • Of particular benefit is the proof the book provides that ultraprocessed pet food is tied directly to the epidemic of diseases in today’s canine companions

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