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What’s Causing My Dog’s Eye ‘Goop?’

'Eye boogers,' or ocular discharge, can be puzzling to dog owners, simply because it can change appearance from one day to the next. So, do you just wipe it away or is it ever a reason for concern? Know the seven types of eye discharge, and the types you shouldn't ignore.

dog eye discharge


  • Ocular discharge, otherwise known as “eye boogers,” is a normal occurrence due to tears accumulating in the inner corner of the eyes
  • Tear stains are caused by a pigment in tears called porphyrin, which turns a reddish-brown color after exposure to air
  • Yellow or green discharge is often a sign of an infected eye; the infection may be due to bacteria or an underlying condition, such as corneal wounds or dry eye
  • Discharge that has a gummy texture and causes your dog’s eyelids to stick together may be due to dry eye
  • If you notice your dog rubbing or pawing at his eyes, or he suddenly starts squinting, you should see a veterinarian to rule out infection or injury

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