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The Most Intense Healing Food You Can Make at Home

Bone broth is good for a host of issues, and especially for picky eaters or aging pets. While this nutrient-rich superfood is easy and inexpensive to make at home, keep in mind it may not be for every pet, especially those with this type of systemic inflammation.

bone broth for dogs


  • Bone broth is a nutrient rich meal supplement or treat for any pet, and especially dogs and cats recovering from tummy troubles, picky eaters, and older animals with declining appetites
  • It’s easy to digest, and perfect in situations where you need to add flavor, moisture, and extra nutrients to your pet’s meals
  • Bone broth is both inexpensive and easy to prepare using chicken, beef, or soup bones
  • Pets who may not do well consuming bone broth can be histamine-intolerant, as this nutrient-dense superfood contains a lot of naturally occurring histamine, which can exacerbate some health conditions, including chronic systemic inflammation

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