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7 Easter Hazards All Pet Parents Need to Know About

The perils of chocolate Easter bunnies may not come as a surprise to most dog owners, but there are a half dozen other potential threats you need to know about if you share your home with a cat or dog. One little-known, highly toxic hazard has only become a serious problem in recent years.

pet easter hazards


  • Today is Easter, a day to celebrate! Tomorrow will be the day after Easter, a day to celebrate that your furry family members sailed through today healthy and happy
  • Reminder: Easter lilies and other springtime plants can be highly toxic for pets, especially cats
  • More Easter-related hazards for pets include any product containing the sweetener xylitol, and all things chocolate
  • In addition, there are many dishes on traditional Easter dinner menus that can cause major toxicity and other health problems for furry family members
  • Easter basket grass and plastic eggs are also potential hazards, along with hidden hardboiled eggs that didn’t get found by the kiddos and have been rotting in place for days, weeks, or months

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