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Second-Hand Smoke’s Unseen Victims

Think your smoking only affects you? Think again. Groundbreaking research shows how the smoke you bring home could be silently harming your most loyal companion. Discover steps to shield them from harm.

cigarette smoke cancer risk in dogs


  • A study involving Scottish terriers revealed many more insights into how environmental factors like cigarette smoke influence disease development
  • The three-year study compared dogs that got bladder cancer and those that didn't, looking at different factors to see which ones increased the risk
  • Dogs living with smokers were six times more likely to develop bladder cancer than dogs not living with smokers
  • In households where humans smoke, dogs may be exposed to second-hand smoke from the cigarette and exhalations, as well as third-hand smoke made up of particular material that contaminates furniture, carpet and other household materials
  • Cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, showed up in the urine of some dogs living with non-smoker owners, leading the scientists to suggest it may have been due to smoke residues on clothing

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