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Winged Wisecrackers Go Viral

When five parrots with a talent for colorful language join a zoo, they quickly become internet sensations. This tale delves into the unexpected challenges and delights of caring for nature's most candid comedians, whose sharp tongues have captivated audiences far and wide.

african gray parrots


  • Recently, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in eastern England has had its hands full with a group of potty-mouthed African Gray parrots cussing up a storm at each other, zoo staff, and visitors to the park
  • The birds, five of which were donated in 2020, and another three in 2024, picked up swearing from their owners; zoo officials were forced to isolate the parrots over concerns about young visitors hearing the foul language
  • Ultimately, zoo staff decided to integrate the eight into the larger 92-bird flock, hoping more polite parrot talk and sound effects would rub off on the offenders
  • It’s likely Grays learn to cuss so easily because whenever humans swear, they tend to do it in the same tone and context, with no other words surrounding the expletives
  • A 2012 study demonstrated that in addition to their mimicking skills, African Gray parrots can reason at the level of a 3-year-old child, however, low level interference can disrupt their use of this skill

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