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Easy to Train and Eager to Please, This Is One of the Best Dog Breeds for a Family

They have a wonderful temperament and are good with children. But they'll slobber their love everywhere, so probably not a good choice for a guard dog. Yet they're highly intelligent - No. 4 among all dogs. Many stick with this breed their whole life, despite some shortcomings.

golden retriever facts


  • The Golden Retriever is consistently ranked as one of the top five most popular dogs in the US, and with good reason
  • Goldens have wonderful temperaments. They are easy to train and gentle with children
  • Goldens are also reliable, hard workers, in demand as both assistance and search and rescue dogs
  • Despite the well-established medical issues of the breed, many Golden Retriever owners “go Golden for life”
  • If you’re thinking about adding one of these wonderful dogs to your family, please check Golden Retriever rescue groups and your local animal shelter first

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