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Raspberry: This ‘Dessert Fruit’ May Help Boost Your Pet’s Immunity

Often used in pastries and pies, this sweet red fruit offers various antioxidants that may help banish inflammation. A few slices can make a delicious topper for your animal companion’s meals, to help give an added boost to their health.

can you feed raspberries to your pets


  • Fresh or frozen, raspberries are delicious fruits that can offer myriad benefits for you and your pet, including banishing harmful free radicals, supporting heart health and even ease aging joints
  • They offer a wealth of inflammation-busting antioxidants, including vitamin C, as well as polyphenols like ellagitannins and anthocyanins
  • Raspberry polyphenols have a protective effect against arthritis. In a study that used mice models, researchers found that the mice group that was given raspberry extract had a lower incidence and severity of arthritis compared to the control group
  • Pet parents are worried about the natural xylitol content of this fruit. The good news is only trace amounts of this sweetener are found in raspberries, so there’s no real danger when you feed your pet a few pieces

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