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Why Your Dog Might Be Stumbling

Explore the deeper cause of your dog's head tilting and disorientation. From inner ear troubles to more complex neurological issues, find out what could be troubling your four-legged friend and how to address it.

peripheral vestibular disease


  • Vestibular disease is a disorder that affects a dog’s body balance systems; the most common type is the peripheral form, which occurs outside the central nervous system
  • The causes of peripheral vestibular disease are varied, but all can irritate or damage the nerves of the inner ear and cause inflammation
  • Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, head tilting, loss of coordination, and jerky eye movements
  • Resolving peripheral vestibular disease relies on resolving any identified underlying cause; treatment of idiopathic disease is focused on an integrative approach to manage specific symptoms and provide supportive care

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