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Add These Healthy Foods to Your Pet’s Bowl

Uncover the remarkable power of these foods in battling common pet ailments and enhancing overall well-being. From powerful antioxidants to heart health heroes, find out which foods offer a protective shield for your beloved pets and how to safely introduce them into their diet.

safe fruits for pets


  • Ultraprocessed pet food manufacturers add safe fruits to their ingredient mixes, but there’s likely not much nutrition remaining in these add-ins once the food has been high heat processed and extruded
  • A much better way to offer your dog or cat healthy, pet-safe fruits like apples, avocadoes, and berries is to serve them fresh, as treats or toppers on nutritionally optimal, species-specific meals
  • Remember that treats, including all fresh foods you share, should constitute less than 10% of your pet's daily caloric intake

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