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Diarrhea Dilemma: Do Antibiotics Really Help Fix This?

A recently published study adds to the growing body of evidence about the effectiveness of antibiotics as treatment for diarrhea in dogs.

antibiotic use acute canine diarrhea


  • A recently published study from the U.K. adds to the growing body of evidence that antibiotics are not an effective treatment for acute diarrhea in dogs
  • The study concluded that 90% of dogs recover from uncomplicated diarrhea regardless of what treatment they receive, and that ‘evidence-free’ antibiotic use contributes to antimicrobial resistance
  • Veterinarians In the U.S. are also beginning to accept that antibiotics typically don’t help, and often exacerbate chronic or repeated episodes of acute diarrhea in otherwise healthy animals
  • In treating otherwise healthy patients with diarrhea, in my experience, the most effective first step, and the step most likely to provide long-term resolution of the condition, is to address the diet

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