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Protect Your Pet From One of the Worst Veterinary Mistakes

Be on guard - too many veterinary practices still make this careless mistake that can have potentially devastating results for your pet, including long-term side effects. If your veterinarian suggests this, here's how you should respond and request before doing anything else.

antibiotic overuse


  • Antibiotics continue to be overprescribed in too many veterinary practices, and the results are potentially devastating
  • Today's dogs and cats are exposed to antibiotics not just through veterinary prescriptions, but also through the factory farmed meat used in almost all commercial pet food
  • Antibiotic resistance is creating superbugs able to survive multiple types of antibiotics; the end result can be strains of potentially deadly bacteria for which no effective treatment exists
  • Except in emergency situations, antibiotics should never be prescribed without a culture and sensitivity test to determine the bacterial strain and the most effective antibiotic
  • If your pet needs an antibiotic, give it exactly as prescribed and also give a probiotic supplement to replenish healthy gut bacteria

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