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Empowering Special Needs Paws for a Brighter Tomorrow

See how one pup became an ambassador for disabled animals helping to raise funds to send to rescue organizations focused on disabled pets.

dr melissa shapiro

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  • This month’s Pet Game Changer is veterinarian and educator Dr. Melissa Shapiro, guardian of the world famous deaf, blind, pink puppy, Piglet, and the Piglet Mindset® platform
  • From a very young age, Dr. Melissa was drawn to disabled, special needs pets; as empty-nesters, she and her husband began adding dogs to the family, including a tiny, one-pound very special needs pup they named Piglet
  • Dr. Melissa was committed to giving Piglet, who couldn’t do all the things sighted, hearing dogs enjoyed, a productive and meaningful life
  • The Piglet Mindset platform and its mission to inspire children and adults to be resilient, inclusive, and kind, is the result of Dr. Melissa’s commitment to Piglet, and Piglet’s ability to inspire others to face life’s challenges with a positive attitude

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