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One of the Biggest Dog Walk Mistakes Owners Make

This common habit exposes dogs and walkers to potential danger from an out-of-control vehicle, an aggressive off-leash dog or a trip-and-fall off a curb into traffic.

distracted dog walking


  • Many people multitask while walking their dogs; some even see dog walks as an opportunity to accomplish two or three or four other things. However, research suggests that just 2.5% of people are able to multitask effectively
  • Distracted dog walking is potentially dangerous for both dog and walker, because when your attention is focused elsewhere, you may not be able to react quickly enough to avoid, for example, an out-of-control vehicle, an aggressive off-leash dog, or a trip-and-fall off a curb
  • Additional drawbacks to distracted dog walking include setbacks in your dog’s training or mental health, opportunities for mental stimulation through sniffing, and dog-owner bonding activities
  • Whenever possible, take advantage of different types of dog walks to keep things interesting for both you and your furry family member

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