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Heavy Metal Warning: Could Your Pet Be at Risk?

Toxicosis may be rare, but it does happen. Pets risk two main sources, plus secondary ones. All are worth considering. Test for a definitive diagnosis, then here are nine ways to detoxify the poison. Discuss with your vet if it's a severe case.

lead toxicity in pets


  • Lead toxicosis in pets may be rare, but we really don’t know because testing is uncommon, and symptoms can be nonspecific and/or mistaken for other diseases
  • Two potential sources of lead exposure in pets include municipal water supplies (e.g., in Flint, Michigan) and processed pet food
  • Other avenues of exposure include homes built before 1978, linoleum, toys, and food or water dishes containing lead
  • Treatment for lead exposure or toxicosis depends on the amount of ingested and the pet’s symptoms
  • There are many steps you can take to help reduce your pet’s exposure to lead and other toxins

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