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Sugar Gliders: Think Long and Hard Before Falling for This ‘Impulse Buy’

Sugar gliders are adorable, small and fuzzy, making them popular impulse buys at state fairs, exotic animal shows and flea markets. But do sugar gliders - marsupials native to Australia - make good pets?

sugar gliders


  • Sugar gliders are heavily exploited, taken from the wild and passed off as captive-bred or bred in puppy-mill-style facilities
  • Sugar gliders are nocturnal, have sharp claws and require a time-consuming specialized diet and regular bonding sessions, all facts that make them more suited to life in the wild than as pets
  • Sugar gliders are often sold at state fairs, flea markets and exotic animal shows, where people may purchase these demanding wild animals on a whim
  • Do not support people “vending” life at these locations. If you think you can provide the environmental enrichment, housing and unique dietary needs of these exotic animals then rescue one of the hundreds available worldwide through adoption networks

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