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Pecans: An Ancient Nut That Packs a Nutritional Punch

A staple food to Native Americans, this tree nut also contains a diverse nutritional profile that might just be good for your pet, too. Find out how to properly serve it to your furry friend.

can you feed pecans to your pet?


  • The composition of nutrients found in pecans is varied, making them a healthy food not just for you but for your pet as well
  • Pecans contain oleic acid, which may help lower inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity, as well as polyphenols that may aid in weight management
  • Another bioactive compound in pecans is EGCG, which is the same powerful antioxidant found in green tea
  • Pecans are generally safe for pets; crush them into bite-sized pieces before offering them to your pet, and buy organic or spray-free variants from a reputable grower whenever possible

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