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10 Tips to Combat Cat Carrier Woes

If you've ever tried to put your cat into a carrier, you know the tooth-and-nail fight that can ensue. The good news is - there IS a way to overcome crate hate. Get prepared for your next vet trip with this 10-step advance survival plan.

tips to combat cat carrier woes


  • Since your cat considers your home his personal territory, he's not keen to leave — especially when the destination is a veterinary clinic, and he must be in a carrier while traveling there and back
  • Your cat's fear of vet visits and other outings can be alleviated by getting him acclimated to a carrier on his own turf, in his own time
  • There are 10 steps you can follow to successfully help your kitty learn to view his carrier as a warm and comfy safe space
  • Training your cat to enjoy being in his carrier will make traveling much less stressful for both of you

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