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When Your Dog Honks, He's Not Trying To Be a Goose — Here's What's Going On

It can cause sheer panic. Many dog parents fear their dog is choking, or having an asthma attack or seizure. There are ways to counteract this episode, but then you might inadvertently cause your pet to panic. Here's what to do instead.

small dogs reverse sneeze


  • Reverse sneezing is a common condition in small and brachycephalic dogs
  • In a reverse sneeze, the air is pulled forcefully in through the nose rather than pushed out
  • The way dogs look and sound during a reverse sneezing episode can cause their alarmed owners to rush them to the emergency animal clinic
  • Reverse sneezing is a benign condition that almost never requires treatment. As soon as the episode ends, the dog is back to normal
  • Very frequent or prolonged episodes should prompt a call to your veterinarian to rule out possible underlying causes such as a foreign body in the nasal passage or an infection

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