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An Easy Way to Reduce Risk for Nine Age-Related Diseases in Dogs

Data on over 24,000 subjects indicate that dogs offered this way of eating were less likely to develop dental, GI, orthopedic, kidney/urinary and liver/pancreatic disorders. It can also help keep your canine companion lean and improve the longevity of almost any dog.

intermittent fasting for dogs


  • Researchers at the University of Arizona have published a study suggesting that feeding dogs just one meal a day may help reduce the risk of several significant age-related diseases
  • An analysis of data on over 24,000 subjects indicates that dogs offered a single daily meal were less likely to develop dental, GI, orthopedic, kidney/urinary, and liver/pancreatic disorders
  • Intermittent fasting can also help you keep your canine companion lean; it can help heavy dogs lose weight and improve the health, wellness, and longevity of almost any dog
  • There are a variety of approaches to intermittent fasting (time restricted feeding) that can accommodate almost any busy person's daily/weekly schedule

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