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How Long Do Vaccines Really Last?

Is it necessary to regularly repeat parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus vaccines? Are there some pets who shouldn't receive them at all? Know why vaccinations aren't always protective against disease and what you need to know before you request another shot for your dog.

canine titers


  • Recent research into antibody titer testing indicates that vaccine-induced immunity against canine parvo, distemper, and adenovirus is durable, and that these tests are valuable as a measure of immunity, especially in senior and geriatric dogs
  • The results of one study showed that 50% of previously vaccinated elderly dogs were protected against the three core diseases; another study concluded that vaccines against these diseases confer immunity for at least 5 years in most dogs
  • A positive titer means a pet is protected against disease; however, a negative titer doesn't necessarily mean a pet is vulnerable to disease
  • Vaccinations don't always result in immunization — titer tests determine if an animal is protected or not

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