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Malignant Mast Cell Tumor Resolves With One Simple Therapy

Often found on the trunk, limbs and between the toes of many popular breeds of dogs, these tumors can spread and recur after surgery. With his owner rejecting surgery, chemo and radiation, this 7-year-old canine patient lived to age 15 with no recurrence after this one therapy.

ketogenic metabolic therapy


  • Researchers at Boston College, including one of the leading pioneer academic researchers in treating cancer as a metabolic disease, recently published a case report of a dog with malignant mast cell tumor disease whose cancer completely resolved with ketogenic metabolic therapy alone
  • When mast cells, which are found in all the tissues of the body, replicate in abnormally high numbers, a mast cell tumor can be the result; in dogs, prognosis depends on the tumor location, the extent and grade of the tumor, and the type of treatment given
  • The 7-year-old dog presented in the Boston College case report was switched to a calorie restricted, carbohydrate-free, raw ketogenic diet two years after diagnosis; over several months, the tumor gradually disappeared; the dog lived to age 15 and passed away from other causes
  • Calorie restriction and restricted ketogenic diets have successfully reduced growth and metastasis in a range of malignant tumors in mice and humans; however, in none of those cases was resolution of the tumor achieved with diet alone, as in this case
  • Integrative and holistic veterinarians can offer many additional complimentary, nontoxic therapies for pets diagnosed with mast cell tumors

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