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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Really Need?

First, a hint: A fenced yard doesn't count. Because a tired dog is a good dog - and dogs typically aren't motivated to get the exercise they need - your dog depends on you to get him moving to stay in mental and physical shape. Follow these guidelines and ideas for keeping your dog active.

dog exercise


  • Most dogs today don’t get enough exercise, which is why there are so many overweight, bored canine companions with behavior problems
  • A good rule of thumb: Dogs should get a minimum of 20 minutes of sustained heart-thumping exercise a minimum of 3 times a week; most dogs can benefit from longer, more frequent sessions
  • There are many ways to help your dog get the physical and mental stimulation she needs — everything from power walks to musical freestyle
  • A physically active dog is well-rested dog: well-exercised dogs are better able to maintain a healthy weight, good physical conditioning, and more desirable behavior

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