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The 'Airbnb' of Dog Parks: A Private Space to Run and Play

It's no secret that dog parks can be breeding grounds for infectious disease, along with the potential for attack by another dog. In this study of urban dog parks, hookworm eggs were found in every soil sample tested. This growing alternative to public dog parks helps eliminate those downsides.

dog park alternatives


  • There are a number of reasons why dog park alternatives are necessary; the potential for dog-to-dog or dog-to-human aggression is real, as is the potential for disease transmission
  • Akin to the “Airbnb” of dog parks, the startup Sniffspot allows you to rent out a private space by the hour so your dog can run and play
  • Sniffspot allows dog owners to rent backyards and other private spaces across the U.S. so they can have a dog-park-like experience without the risks
  • While some dog owners dislike the idea of a private dog park because their dogs would miss socializing with other pups, a Sniffspot survey found 1 in 7 dogs have been attacked at a dog park
  • You can search for private spaces with amenities that appeal to your dog, such as water areas, hiking trails, farm animal sightings and agility parks

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