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3 Common Mistakes Dog Parents Make With Homemade Food

The popularity of homemade dog food is on the rise, and unfortunately, so are preparation and feeding mistakes. It's easy to prepare an unbalanced homemade meal that can even be harmful if formulated incorrectly. Be sure to avoid these three common mistakes.

homemade food for dogs


  • Dog parents everywhere are learning the importance of nutrition to the health and longevity of animal companions, and as a result are becoming more interested in homemade pet food
  • Homemade diets for dogs can provide tremendous benefits, but it’s not a task to take lightly, and unfortunately, mistakes are easy to make
  • If you’re considering making homemade dog food, it’s important to have a good understanding of why the diet you prepare absolutely must be nutritionally balanced
  • Common mistakes to avoid include offering only meat and veggies, forgetting your dog’s need for dietary fiber, and not meeting minimum nutrient requirements with specific supplements or foods
  • There are two broad categories of supplements for pets: required supplements to balance homemade meals, and optional supplements for health and wellness that support a specific health goal, such as joint, allergy, longevity or detoxification support

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