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Put This in Your Dog's Ears to Nix Nasty Infections

Study shows it brings symptomatic relief against all bacteria species tested, including multiple strains of drug-resistant bacteria. A second solution for resistant infections effectively zaps even pseudomonas and MRSA. Plus, the daily TLC trick to prevent these nasties in the first place.

otitis externa dogs


  • Otitis externa — inflammation or infection of the outer ear canal — is a common problem in dogs, but preventing it is easy
  • An ear infection is caused by a fungus (typically yeast) or much more commonly, bacteria
  • It’s extremely important to find out what type of organism is causing your dog’s ear infection so that the correct medication is given
  • Nontoxic alternatives such as manuka honey and green clay may also provide symptom relief in dogs with resistant bacterial ear infections
  • Prevention is the best cure for your dog’s ear infections, which means checking her ears daily and cleaning them as often as necessary

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