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Controversial for You, but It’s Downright Awful for Your Pet

Even this federal agency warned the veterinary community against this health snare. Pets can't break it down because they lack the necessary enzyme. What's more, it binds minerals and leaches them out of your pet's body. So why are food makers so thrilled with this new disaster?

fava beans inappropriate ingredient for dogs


  • The processed pet food industry recently published a study showing that a limited amount of biologically inappropriate fava beans can be fed to dogs without causing digestive upset
  • This result, coupled with the fact that fava beans can withstand the extrusion process, makes this ingredient a winner in the eyes of pet food producers
  • However, fava beans are an inappropriate ingredient for dogs because they contain substances the canine body can’t digest, that also interfere with mineral absorption, and can cause GI issues as well
  • An additional concern with the liberal use of legumes and other starches in grain-free formulas is a potential link to diet-related heart disease in dogs

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