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Vikings Brought These Mystical Creatures Onboard Their Ships, and They’re Still Popular Today

Loving, gentle and sociable, these wonderful family pets with their intelligent gaze can grow as large as 22 pounds. Be prepared to be fascinated with these gorgeous, fluffy creatures, especially with their mystical triangular head shape. Have you ever seen one?

norwegian forest cat


  • Norwegian Forest cats have a mystical, legendary history and have been around since the Vikings took them onboard their longships as mousers centuries ago
  • While they’re remarkably similar to Maine Coons with their long, thick and flowing fur, these felines have distinct features, including their triangular head shape
  • As large as 22 pounds, Norwegian Forest cats are powerfully built with strong claws and an amazingly adroit ability to climb
  • Friendly, loving and gentle, Norwegian Forest cats are also intelligent and sociable, which make them wonderful family pets

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