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Adorable Dogs Are Off the Charts in Popularity, but Watch for This Caveat

People are going wild for these charming companions. What's not to like? They're small, quiet, kid-friendly, adorable and require little exercise. But this overlooked hazard can be much worse if you don't consider these caveats before plunking down money.

french bulldog prone to health problems


  • The adorable French Bulldog is about to overtake the Labrador Retriever as the most popular dog in the U.K.
  • Sadly, these little dogs are prone to a variety of health problems, and the exploding demand for them is creating a boon for poor-quality breeders and puppy smugglers
  • Crime syndicates in the U.K. are switching from the illegal drug trade to smuggling French Bulldog puppies bought from foreign farms and sold in Britain for 50 times their purchase price
  • A recent U.K. study of over 2,000 Frenchies revealed that almost three quarters had at least one reported health issue; veterinarians and the U.K. Kennel Club are advising prospective owners to do thorough breeder research
  • Health issues aside, French Bulldogs make wonderful companions, but it’s important to deal only with responsible breeders who are focused on creating healthy dogs as their first priority

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